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"Why not let me take you from funnel to tunnel?"


You will never hit every shot from the middle of the club but if you can stop your shots from going too far off line (funnel) and see them fly straighter (tunnel) then you should find this game becomes a little easier.


Placing yourself in the middle of the fairway will make the next shot more achievable and more enjoyable.


So let me help you understand how to get the ball flying straighter.


We can start by understanding how your swing works and how to best create a repeating action that sees straighter, truer flight. Lowering your score will not be far behind.


With my guidance you will be able to practice knowing that you are building a solid swing and if you are prepared to put some effort in you will start playing golf the way you have always wanted to play.


Timothy Gallwey said


“Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”


Let us unlock your potential together


Lessons start from only £30 for an individual half hour. If prefer to share the experience with a friend, bring them along. It will halve the cost - £30 for 2 for half an hour


For more information or to book a lesson please email


Roger Williams PGA Golf Professional since 1978